It has been a while since someone has left an all-out MEAN comment or email for me and when I found this in my moderation box I was a little taken  a back by how much this one actually hurt.

From the “Truth Speaker”: 

“Someone has been watching a little too much Sex and the City.

You paint yourself as this well-bred sophisticate but we’ve seen your self-pitying wallowing on this site countless other times. Come on, let’s be realistic about who we are here and where we’re coming from…

Princess? God. Gag.
And besides, do you even OWN Manolos?!?!”

First of all, COWARD!  No name, fake email, accessed from a Kinko’s – the usual troll M.O.

Second, can a well-bred princess not have bouts of wallowing?  at least I don’t pretend that life is sunny and rosy and full of nothing but cupcakes and puppies all bloody day long

Third, am wearing the Manolos as I type this so BITE ME BITCH!

Finally, my blog, my thoughts, my life.