the men I date are invariably of a certain type:  clean cut, downright preppy if you want to be picky, could have been taken straight from the pages of J. Crew or Brooks Brothers, stable, secure, like their martinis or wine but nothing “stronger”, generally WASP’s, own a tuxedo, can be trotted out in public and to work functions, look great with my golden retriever — you get the gist

the men I crush on, even the fictional ones, tend to follow the same pattern – Jed Bartlett, Sam Seabourne, George Clooney,  Cary Grant, Anderson Cooper, Michael Rhulman, etc

then there’s the “bad boys” – the crushes I secretly (or not so secretly) harbour that, when they come to light, generally shock:  Joe Perry & Tommy Lee pretty much personify my penchant for the bad boys

why, you may be asking, is she on again about these ridiculous crushes and stuff?  she is a seemingly relatively normal 39 year old urbanite with a seemingly normal and stable life – does she not have anything of worth to say or something that is at least based somewhere in reality??

well, my lovely internet friends, this morning I popped on over to the lovely Mr. Rhulman’s blog and who was guest writing this morning’s entry but his erstwhile and fabulous BFF Anthony Bourdain.  It was almost too much to bear.  Mr. Bourdain combines it all – he can write, he can cook AND he is a serious bad ass!  le sigh …

this is what I want for Christmas:  to spend a day with the two of them, cooking, eating, drinking, talking – see what you can do about arranging that, ok? 


p.s. interestingly, I gave this book to “him” for Christmasn last year