Life is ever-so-slightly disjointed these days – work is CRAZY, my health is almost back to normal and my sister has moved the date of her wedding up – from April 2008 to December 29, 2007.  Ontario in December, yippee!!

The being sick and and rather debilitated with my creaky neck has pretty much forced me to stay close to home when not at the office and thus given me time (likely TOO MUCH time) to think about things; you know, life, the universe and everything kind of stuff.  What occurred to me last night was just how contrary my outward “persona” is to my secret self – this cashmere clad, Manolo and pearls-wearing princess likes nothing better than settling down in frontof the television with a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup while watching trashy teen drams or MTV reality shows.  The Hills?  LOVE (Spencer is the devil).  Gossip Girl?  Don’t even think about interrupting me between 7 and 8 on Tuesday nights.   And did you know that 90210, the mother of all tacky teen drama, is on each and every day at 4? BLISS!!  How I miss thee, Dawson’s Creek, why did TBS have to be replaced by its poor and much less indulgent cousin, Peach Tree TV??

And another thing, I know it’s all the rage to extol the virtues of the 70%-plus cocoa content dark chocolate, but really, nothing satisfies quite like a Twix.  Or a Dairymilk, or even a lowly Caramilk.  Blasphemy I know, but this girl loves her non-health-beneficial and non-trendy milk chocolate.

Ok, one last trashy confession before I go – I bought Kraft slices and Campbell’s tomato soup and white (yes that was WHITE) bread the other day and made me quite the feast.  I even went so far as to wash it all down with a DIET COKE (with lime)!  I gave up the DC, went cold turkey, a good 10 years ago and thus felt ever so slightly guilty about it, but damn it was good!

Oh, and is it wrong that I bought this book, which happens to be written by my current crush, as a Christmas gift for him?

*you read that right – for 1 interesting year I did indeed live in a trailer park