Please forgive the lack of posts of late – I am still battling this stupid cold/flu/whatever and it is seriously kicking my ass.   Kicking my ass to such an extent that I actually did take 2 days off last week.  Or was it the week before?  I can’t honestly remember, but on the day I came back, my assistant gave her two weeks’ notice and her last day is tomorrow.  I have not yet found a replacement.  Yes, I am panicking, but also living in that lovely state called DENIAL. 

And instead of simply being given the green light to hire a replacement (not only is she my assistant, she is also (and primarily I might add) the office receptionist and general admin girl), I have been asked to justify both her position and my own.  I fear that the company might be thinking “hey, this is an opportunity to save some cash!  Why not NOT get a new receptionist and simply have Kathryn do both jobs?? 

So I am spending valuable time away from my day to day tasks itemizing what it is I do all the live long day. I am seriously unimpressed, not to mention insulted that I am being asked to justify my existence.  My official role in this company is:  Office Manager, Executive Assistant and Compliance Administrator.  Yes, I am bloody busy.  (and yes I am taking valuable work time to type this entry, but I haven’t taken lunch in a while so 10 minutes isn’t going to kill anyone). 

So while trying to keep u[p with the day to day operations of the office today and trying to properly break down how it is I spend my time here, the following email exchange transpired: 

Me:  can you please send me the contact info of A. Smith, an investor in Company A 

Clerk:  there is no A. Smith in Company A 

Me:  is there any Smith in any of Company A? 

Clerk:  yes, there is an Adam Smith, an investor in Company A 

Me:  that’s what I am after, thanks DUMBASS*

Think I should use that as an example of why it sometimes takes a while to get things accomplished?

*did not in fact include the DUMBASS but man I wanted to!!!!!