1 – I am sick and I hate it

I woke up with a brutal headache Monday morning and chalked it up to the yummy wine I had with dinner the night before.  Popped a few Advil and slept in for an extra hour.  At about the half-way mark on my way to work I realized that this was no “wine-over” – got to the office, took care of a few emergencies and promptly went back home to bed.  Back at work today, but it likely would have been a better idea to stay at home. C’est la vie 

2 – I have seriously pissed off my neighbours

by having the audacity to ask them to ask their “children” (and I use that term lightly given that both of them are in their 30’s and still living with mummy and daddy – LOSERS!!!) to kindly not smoke right outside of my bedroom window.  I went in there Sunday afternoon and it smelled like a dirty old men’s tavern – GROSS!!!  I mean I have put up with the whiffs of smoke for the past few years but now it has just gotten top be way too much.  They have a lovely back garden where they could suck on their cancer sticks to their hearts’ content, but apparently prefer to use the front porch, which happens to be right outside my bedroom.  I got the door slammed in my face and a “you have just created a HUGE problem between us – there is no way I would ever ask any member of my family to not smoke on our own front porch!”  Whatever, bitch. 

3 – I watched that show “Pushing Daisies”

last night for the first time and loved it!  Is that weird?  It totally reminds me of that other show about the other dead/not dead people that sadly went off the air,  Dead Like Me