On a rainy Saturday a few weeks ago a friend (he of the “oh good your hair is growing” fame) and I spent the day roaming the city, browsing through galleries and such when he pulled me into a Shoppers intent on showing me this amazing product. 

Weird, I thought, but whatever let’s see what he’s on about.                  

What he was on about was Boots No. 7 Restore and Renew Serum.  

Hmmm, first you’re dissing my short locks and now you think I need an anti-aging serum?  Me thinks that maybe you missed that lesson wherein they teach you how to woo a woman. 

In any event, this week I found myself needing to re-stock my facial supplies so decided to give the Boots line a try and WOW!  Love, love, love !!! 

I bought this cleanser, this moisturiser and yes, I bought the serum. 

I mean several million Brits can’t be wrong, right? 

And the best part?  The whole shooting match cost LESS than what I normally pay just for moisturiser. 

But don’t you worry, he is doing serious penance for his, ahem, missteps.