Those words were delivered by a most serious 5-year-old by the name of Taylor

 I was at a friend’s house last night drinking wine and discussing the plight of the world and how we might help (ok, so maybe we were discussing Gossip Girl and how much we love Serena and her clothes and her hair and wish we were like her) and her adorable daughter came  down to say good night. 

She hugged her mum and then came over to hug me and stopped. Dead. And stared in that intense way that only 5-year-old girls can. 

After careful consideration she came out with this statement, very matter-of-factly: “you used to be prettier” 

Her mother almost spat out her wine 

she continued “where did your hair go?  You were prettier with your pretty long hair” 

She is not alone in this opinion; you might remember this lovely exchange   

And oddly enough I have been missing my hair of late – I cut it all off about a year ago as my once long and thick and luxuriant hair had become a mere shadow of itself and needed to start over – a rather poignant metaphor of my own life actually 

I thought I could totally rock the short hair; had the confidence to pull it off and still feel sexy and beautiful and feminine and pretty 

Seems I was wrong and I want my hair back. Now.