Last week was the birthday of a very special friend of mine.  Accordingly I arranged for a very special flower delivery to mark the occasion.  I went to my regular florist, and by regular I mean I use them and the company I work with uses them at least 2 to 3 times a month, and spoke to the girls there and hand picked the flowers and greenery and vase, etc.  I then happily paid my $100 and went on my merry way confident in the fact that a stunning simple yet elegant bouquet of cream and cream & blush calla lilies beautifully arranged with cream and blush snowberries AND NOTHING ELSE would be delivered to my friend the next day. 

The next day comes and the flowers are delivered and my friend is absolutely delighted – in fact almost at a loss for words in the message of thanks left for me, which was indeed a first! 

I was a bit suspicious of what had been sent as in describing the flowers my friend mentioned eucalyptus, which I had NOT requested, but I let it go. 

Until Monday. 

When I saw a picture of them. 

In a word?  HIDEOUS!!!!! 

There were 3 calla lilies.


And some star-gazer lilies, which I DETEST, and a few gerbera daisies, a random purple orchid, some funny looking big white flower and a whole bunch of terrible and cheap looking greenery.   I would not pay $10 for it on the street corner. 

So I called the florist (Angela & Gabriel at Cathedral Place in Vancouver) and they could not have been less helpful.  Basically they kind of apologised and said that someone had misread the order.  What did I want them to do?  I didn’t really know, to be honest.  I was just upset and pissed off and wanted some sort of explanation, not “oops., sorry, someone must have made a mistake”. 

Not good enough. 

And you’d think that would be that and I would get over it. 

Well, you would be wrong – the situation festered with me all Monday night and so yesterday after work I stopped in at the florist shop, Angela & Gabriel at Cathedral Place in Vancouver, in person.   

Again, the same thing – oops, sorry, someone must have made a mistake.  What did I want them to do? 

Well this time I had an answer:  I wanted my money back – those flowers were NOT what I ordered and NOT what I paid for.   

So the girl got the owner on the phone and after some discussion, which included reading the order to her over the phone which clearly said – cream and cream & blush calla lilies with snowberries – they offered me a store credit. 

As if – I had told them more than once that I would not be using them EVER again, so what good would a store credit do me? I was told that the owner would call me to discuss the matter the next day. 

And she did.

 And she offered me a full refund IF I RETURNED THE FLOWERS!!!! 

I told her that I did not have the flowers as they had been delivered as A GIFT to someone else and in any event they would be dead at this point 

So she asked if I could please return the vase 

I said that no, I would not return the vase and in fact was happy to payfor the vase as at least IT was the one that I had ordered 

She agreed and said that she would fax me the receipt showing the amount of my refund. 

That was 2 hours ago. 

Still waiting

Now, do I treat my friend to a lovely dinner with the refund or just buy myself something fabulous??