at the end of a fun filled day of hiking and swimming and stick chasing and general dog fun, we found ourselves at a house/block party where the “entertainment” was a  true garage band – a group of 40-something businessmen who play hockey together in the winter and jam in the summer

and?  they were excellent!!

part of  the deal, though, was that all audience members had to participate for at least one song

(little known Kathryn fact: my three dream jobs?  1. gas jockey – but only if I get to wear groovy coveralls 2. Zamboni driver 3. rockstar)

“hey, Kathryn plays piano, so she can go on keyboards”

yeah, well 8 cocktails (give or take) in does not a virtuoso make, so I politely declined

and was given an egg

and man, I rocked that egg like nobody’s business

I think there might even have been some fabulous choreographed moves, too, but then again that could have been the cocktails

and no, there is no photo evidence … at least none that I am aware of