I try to live by this adage, really I do.  But sometimes it’s just plain hard. 

And also?  sometimes the truth just ain’t “nice”

So, if you ask me for my opinion, expect it.  It will be honest and generally not just an affirmation of what you WANT to hear

I apologise if this offends and am sorry if you don’t want to be friends anymoreI do, however, understand and it is totally your call

But for the love of God and Prada, DO NOT send me random and vague emails to a seldom-used email account which are nothing more than generic “mass emails” containing proverbs and sayings about lost friendships, etc.

That?  is lame

This too applies to some of the blogs I read.  As previously discussed here at Finn’s Space, unsolicited advice and judgement of me is not encouraged; ergo I try to keep that in mind when reading other’s blogs.  It is, after all, their space and they can say and do whatever they wish

However, sometimes reading these on-line journals is akin to watching a movie train wreck in slow-mo – you know what’s going to happen and when it does you cannot look away and you really, really have to resist the urge to say “told ya so!!” or “are you an idiot?  of course that happened!!!!”

you got fired?  really?  shocking!!  or not, given that all you do is whine about what a bitch your boss is just because, like, you arrive 10 minutes late (every. bloody. morning!!!!!) and they didn’t tell you you were supposed to arrange for hotels or dinner reservations, ok well maybe they did, but only once and they didn’t remind you

I’m sorry, but you are a narcissistic idiot and I would not hire you*

But you are funny and amuse me so I will continue to read and laugh along with your life and would likely love to have a cocktail with you – see? saying something NICE and I won’t post judgemental and anonymous comments on your blog(s)

hugs & kisses


*please note: not referring to any one blog or person in particular, but a generalization of many, so no hate mail please, if you think I am referring to you, because I am likely not