the latest comment from “Cissy”, though this time she is not in California, but somewhere in Canada and has Rogers as her internet provider:

you are absolutely right you are entitled to rant and bitch as much as you want but….. reality has to set in.  this so called guy you have been dating on and off is just that on and off as he wishes.  most likely he has a serious girlfriend that you are not aware of.but really, you have to get a grip of your self.  if this blog is a way to treat whatever issues you have and recommended by a professional then so be are 39 years old and from what i have read on your site you have to come terms with your entire life to date.  if there are dreams to chase, then chase them. finish what you start.  if you have family issues then sort them out and come to terms.if you are not happy then seek help on why it is.  life to too short to live in fantasy land and frankly i see a very frail individual that is looking to others for help. good luck with the rest of your life you deserve to be happy.

why are you stuck on my seeing or not seeing this man?  when was the last time I mentioned him?? and in case you are wondering, I am fully aware that he is seeing someone, and that he is a bald faced liar, untrustworthy, has little to no professional or personal integrity and that he has used me mercilessly for the last 8 months or so

and also that I am done with him

we have to deal with each other professionally for the next year, but other than that we have no contact

as for the rest, I am not that fragile – I have feelings and am sensitive about certain things, but am certainly not on the verge of collapse or anything

but thanks for the concern, really I mean that

I also fail to see how talking about the unavailability of MAC eyeshadow, or fabulous books I have been reading or  cheesy 70’s music or just about anything else that’s been on my mind of late points in the direction of needing professional psychiatric help, but whatever

and for the record? you my friend Cissy are a coward for hiding behind your anonymity and by passing such judgement on others one might ask why hide?? though I think I know the reason why … and if I am right then I pity you because seriously, the man is nuts and needs professional help

I only hope that it’s not too late – if nothing else his kids deserve better