Out this weekend for a fun girls’ night and found ourselves at Glowbal – a rather trendy resto-lounge in Yaletown.  In addition to a yummy and REASONABLE (shocking!!) menu, the clientele generally provide lots of entertainment and last night’s antics did not disappoint.

First off, sequins and nipple enhancers seem to be de rigeur with the beautiful people.  Thank Christ I’m not one of them

After we had been there a few minutes, 3 gentlemen were escorted to the table across from us.  Not a minute later a selection of short rocks glasses already iced, 3 carafes of mix, some Red Bulls and a bottle of vodka.  Interesting.  Then their dates arrived.  VERY interesting.  The leader of the group was a real poseur wearing quite possibly the ugliest shoes we had ever seen.  When we asked him about them, he wsa out to impress by stating first and foremost that he was not from Vancouver, but from Toronto, and that he bought the zebra skin shoes in London.  Obviously he was too cool for school and made sure we knew that.  Oh, and he was wearing a navy blue velvet blazer; in August.  His little friends were dweeby twits in sports’ t-shirts, jeans and trainers.  Their dates?  Trannies.  And they clearly didn’t know it.  Ah, pride week in Vancouver.

Then there was the lovely looking and young Scotsman.  Arrive somewhere wearing a kilt and you are bound to be asked the obvious – are you a True Scot??

A half-hour later we found out – deep in conversation with my girls, someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned and there he was in all his non-glory.  One of the little girls in his group heard about the stunt and asked us “so, did you see my friend’s dick?”

Sad to report that it was less than impressive and someone really should tell the lad that personal grooming is not just for the lassies.

just another Saturday night in Vancouver