Dear Cissy from California,

I would have addressed this to you directly but yet again you provided a bogus email address:  Shocking.

Anyway, about your comment (yeah, I spammed it so it isn’t actually on the post where you posted it):

 “She assumse you aren’t happy because all you do is bitch! Damn, don’t you think it’s time to move on from all this whiney crap? How old are you, again? Twelve? OH, and just for the record? The guy you’re “seeing” aka stalking, isn’t into you, MOVE ON!”

1. learn to spell, or at the very least use spell check

2. if you have been reading as diligently as you let on, you know full well that I am not 12, but 39

3. per the title of this here blog, this is MY space and if I want to bitch I will, but yet again, if you are such a diligent little reader you must also know that most of the time I am quite cheery, except of course for when I bitch; deal with it babe

4. again again, if you read this post properly you will note that I said I was single and not seeing anyone, so that last bit about seeing or, rather, stalking someone? you are clearly misguided in your assertions

5. and like I told that other one, if you don’t like what you read, then don’t; it’s really that simple

Hey, this is fun!  Anyone else want to have a go?  I am in a really, really mean mood so this could get interesting …

Love you lots!  (really, I do)