the Kennedy clan fascinates me

the glamour, the scandal, the loyalty, the football, the fashion – LOVE IT

I witnessed it first hand one weekend in highschool when I attended a party at the Hyannisport family compound (JFK Jr.?  quite simply one of the most beautiful and gracious men I have ever laid eyes on with a fabulous handshake to boot!)

I picked up this book randomly the other day while at Indigo and finished it on the ride in this morning – let’s just say that it is a very good thing indeed that I did not have time to put on my makeup before leaving the house.  That insane woman sobbing at the back of the bus?  that was me.

This is a truly beautiful story of love and friendship and humanizes the modern princes and princesses that America has uniquely created.

I highly recommend reading Carole Radziwill’s What Remains with this caveat: even if you have a heart of ice, as I have been accused on more than 1 occassion, this will move you