12 minutes and counting on “hold” with a supplier, so here goes nothing …

  •  this is an insane fashion crime (I love, love, love the Fug Girls!!!), but seriously?  Tory Burch may be a brilliant designer but she really should invest in a full length mirror
  • it’s July 10.  Fall fashion is arriving in the stores.  that is so very wrong and so very depressing on so very many levels
  • tourists drive me insane – I get that they are a necessary evil for the city’s economy and blah, blah, blah, but I don’t have to like them – is there a reason that they must walk 5 abreast and at a pace that would make the famed tortoise look a blurr??
  • went looking for a bathing suit at lunch – lots of bottoms and no tops – is there something a foot that I should know about???
  • have been asked a few times lately if my, ahem, “girls” are real; this really bothers me (though don’t know if I am bothered because someone might think that they are not (they so are) or because this seems to be an acceptable question)
  • I am tickeled with my new “masthead” picture – how cute is Princess Snory Face??
  • am in serious need of some beach time, though maybe also a tad worried about the prospect (see above bathing suit shopping discovery)

right, someone appears to be coming on line – time to get to the bottom of the blackberry mystery ……