last year, after a rather dramatic break-up and subsequent trauma I lost about 50 pounds, or 4 dress sizes

so I did the logical thing – gave/threw away all my “fat clothes” and bought new “skinny clothes”

then I got my life back and, well, some of the weight has come back too  – dammit!!

ergo, none of my skinny summer clothes fit at present

result? me, in a heap, sobbing: “I am fat, and ugly, and useless, and a loser, and, and, and”

ok, rational me knows this to be patently untrue, but you tell my desperate self that at 7:15 a.m. as I am trying to shove my fat self into last summer’s duds

on Monday I decided to take action and yeah! by not drinking alcohol AT ALL and eating sensibly, read NOT eating Starbucks pumpkin scones 4 days a week and  stepping up the excercise and NOT rewarding said excercise with a Twix, I have dropped 5 pounds – YIPPEE!! 

15 more to go – I will be in those adorable size 8 Madras American Eagle Bermudas I bought last summer ON SALE by the end of July if it kills me

I woke up this morning absolutely DESPERATE for a Crave chocolate peppermint cupcake.  Thank Christ Crave is in Calgary, so maybe if I walk there I will have earned it.