so one night last week while I was on vacation in a city not my own, a girlfriend and I found ourselves in a quaint neighbourhood pub – it was us two girls and about 20 neighbourhood dads –  it was their “dads’ group” night out – how cute is that?  also, turns out that I kinda knew about 5 of them, and by kinda knew I mean that I had been at elementary or nursery school with 2 of them, had skied with 1 or 2 and a few knew my parents – small world or what?

we figured how much trouble could this be? they’re all married dads, right?  totally safe

except not

we left the quaint neighbourhood pub and headed for a live music venue downtown – totally fun funk/Motown/r&b band was on stage that night and they were GREAT

several vodka & sodas later, courtesy of the dads, I was grooving to Barry White on the dance floor and may or may not have snogged a “married with 2 kids” ( BOY was he cute) in the corner

found his card in my purse this afternoon

that was over a week ago and the guilt is killing me

I feel badly enough about dating a man whose DIVORCE isn’t final – what does this little indiscretion do to my karma I wonder?

THIS JUST IN:  because this is my life after all, and necking with a married man isn’t bad enough, he is the Godson of friends of my parents and my mother played bridge with his mother this week and I just got an email from my mum saying, and I quote:  “I was at a luncheon with S….. this afternoon and she told me all about how much her son enjoyed your company the other night”.  I bet he did. Yup, it’s official, I AM GOING TO HELL.