when it came to S&TC characters, I always fancied myself as a “Charlotte”.  You know, rather preppy and conservative, believes in prince charming and strives to be in Town & Country

I most definitely did not see myself as a “Carrie”.  Nope, not never – the obsession with fabulous shoes notwithstanding

Except that maybe I am, in the Big department anyway

He pursues, she falls hard, he can’t comit, she leaves, he comes back, she falls – harder this time, again he can’t commit and leaves her for Paris and gets married – I mean sure she dates other men (and lots of them) in between all of that, but when measured against Mr. Big they all fall short

in the end they are together and he loves her

to quote yet another over-referenced tv show : he was her lobster

on review, their relationship in many ways mirrors mine and what’s his name’s – pursue, fall, run, pursue again, fall HARDER, flee but not really, pull me in, hang on, explore options which inevitably come up wanting – they simply don’t measure up to my Mr. Big – do the friend thing, bring each other though various and sundry life changing events and choices and in the end? well we’ll just have to see if our ending is on par with Darren Starr

we are actually in the same city this week for the first time in a long while – who knows what strange and wonderful things may happen?  one thing I do know, and I had a lot of time to think about it on vacation and have had a lot of candidates not “measure up” of late, SOMETHING has to  give

and it sure as hell ain’t going to be the shoes