somebody call 911, we’re trapped and we can’t get out – we’re running out of food and soon the $3.00 avocados and $8.00 potato chips at Summerville Market will be gone! If this lasts any longer, we might even have to break open the 1956 Louis Latour vintage that has been “lying down” since daddy brought it back from his post-UCC year abroad

ok, so maybe it isn’t THAT dire, but I now know why Toronto had to call in the army a few years back to clear the 4 inches (or whatever relatively small amount it was) of snow

on Tuesday afternoon the skies opened up and wind and rain, an admittedly impressive amount, wreaked havoc on the GTO, falling more than a few large trees on various and sundry lawns and roadways in this very tony neighbourhood where I am staying. Driving home after picking the kids up at their day camp we had to be creative and find a route that wasn’t blocked by the afore-mentioned trees and other debris from the storm; no big deal. that was at 4:30 p.m. and you would think that by 8:30 the next morning it would all have been cleared away and that life could return to normal.

you could have thought that, but then you would have been wrong

only one way in and out of rosedale come Wednesday morning and the natives were restless

after the November storms we had in Vancouver, I just found it funny

by end of day Wednesday all was back to normal and the rosedale residents heaved a collective sigh of relief – the Latour vintage was safe