Dating and the single life seems to be a strong theme in the world of personal weblogs, or at least in the ones I read on a regular basis.  This week was particularly rich in the bad or ugly or frustrating side of dating life that we, and when I say “we” I mean “me” and lots of other fabulous single women out there, are encountering.  A few of my faves:

this is brilliant – and I intend to draft my own version for future use (as I have previously noted, it’s all about the follow-up)

an interesting analogy – I know I have had more than my fair share of calicos …

love’s a gamble – I really need to learn when to fold ’em

and stuff like this happens – but never stop taking risks

and this – shout it from the rooftops, babe – absolutely his loss

bitter? nope not her – we have all asked ourselves this at least once – anyone have an answer?

someone’s after my man – for your own safety, step away from George.  He’s MINE.  You have been warned.

if all else fails, there’s always this – according to this I am destined to live in a Mansion in England, marry George Clooney (see above), and drive our 2 children around in a pink Saab.  Fabulous, non?

so yeah, dating sometimes sucks and it’s tough and frustrating and heartbreaking, bu really, would we want it any other way? 


And I absolutely believe that it can be and will be and that I will find my lobster and who knows? maybe I already have.