The inevitable has happened – I am 39 years old.  Yikes! For me 30 was great, 29 not so much.  It’s that whole anticipation thing I think.  Kind of like when you were a kid and your mother would say, after you had done something terribly, terribly wrong “just wait until your father gets home!”.  Generally nothing would actually happen, but the agony of waiting.  That was the worst.  And that’s how I am feeling about this particular birthday.  I am now 39.  Not “in my thirties” but at the VERY BLOODY END of them.  As my father would say, I am now in my 40th year.  Yippee!  So, in celebration of that, here are some shots of birthdays past: 1, 3, 3 & 4 respectively. 

In the first shot, my first birthday, I am the chubby one in the middle.  Shaun Richards is on my right, Graham Garner my left.  The next shot, my third birthday, that’s me in the hat and pigtales.  Graham is the wuss in the next one, clearly afraid of Luke.  Luke was the yellow lab who lived next door and I loved him something fierce.  The last shot, my fourth birthday, I am where all good birthday girls should be – at the head of the table. On my right is my cousin Mark, looking a right nerd, but now?  Serious WOW!  To his right is his sister Wendy and on hers, Shaun Richards.  Can’t recall the gal on my left, but on hers is Cee-Cee (Cynthia) Carrique.  It’s too bad my mother’s outfit isn’t visible in this photo because it seriously rocked! 

Apparently I did not turn 2.  Hey, wait a minute, if I never actually turned 2, in that there is no photo evidence of same, then maybe I am, in fact, turning 38 this year.  Excellent. (I just want to make one thing clear, however.  Just because I am not exactly thrilled about this birthday and am choosing to not really celebrate it in any grand style DOES NOT MEAN that I am not accepting gifts. And lots of them.)