Someone I know is a real prankster.  This morning in my home mailbox were two letters, hand addressed to me, from “It’s Just Lunch”.  From what I gather it is one of those modern matchmaking services that are gaining popularity in the over-30-professional set.  Kind of one step above the internet I guess. 

From the looks of the two letters, someone signed me up and requested the information.  FUNNY!!

So maybe my friends (??) have reason to question my current choice of companion (in case you are new here, peruse some posts from the past couple of months for a clue as to why) and think I need a push in a different direction?  I really don’t know, but am curious.  I brought it up with my landlord tonight – he “delivers” my mail and I knew he would be laughing at me (in a kind way of course) – and he was.  And as he knows the current guy, he doubly appreciated the humour.

OK, this is quite funny.  I do see the humour.  Now, do I call for an “interview”?  They likely charge HUGE coin and well, I do believe my hard earned cash would be better spent on shoes.

Also, I have this innate fear of dating services, beyond the “ohmygodyouareadesperateloser”stigma – REJECTION.

Any thoughts or opinions?  Anyone ever heard of this outfit or tried it or similar (not internet) services?  Would love to hear your tales ….