I am bored. bored. bored. bored. bored.

Remember how when you were a kid and stayed home sick from school and it was a real treat and everything?  Well that’s changed.  I am bored (have I said that already??).

Yesterday I felt like I had been run over by a truck and my throat was unbelievably sore so I dragged my sorry self to the clinic as I had an inkling that this was something more than your run-of-the-mill flu/cold/hangover.  I was right – after a 3 hour wait the (very hunky) doctor told me that I likely had strep throat (happy happy joy joy) – all the symptoms were there:  high ever, red throat, little white bumps, glassy eyes … but couldn’t absolutely confirm until the lab results were back.  So he stuck a really long q-tip down my throat and off to the lab it went.  He sent me on my way with some penicillin “just in case” and a scrip for more if the results are that it indeed is strep (fingers crossed that it’s not).

So I am home from work today and bored.  I don’t feel so crappy and I think my fever has gone but apparently I could be contagious and this not feeling so crappy feeling could change at any time, so here I am, at home, bored. 

The really crappy thing about living on your own when you are sick is that you have to take care of all the little mundane things, like getting in supplies, by yourself.  You can’t just lie on the couch and expect someone else to do it for you.  As adorable and wonderful as Princess Maggie is, she is lacking in opposable thumbs and sending her to the store with a note and cash tucked into her collar just doesn’t seem like a viable option. 

In case there was any doubt, yes I am whining. 

p.s. I think that Micheal Bublee is creepy and over-rated and, well to be frank, not all that talented