you see there was this golden retriever sleeping in a most unusual location, on the floor by MY side of the bed, and well I got up and maybe wasn’t quite awake, being that it was 5 a.m. Saturday morning, and maybe I wasn’t all that graceful and maybe, just maybe I tripped over said golden retriever, not to mention my own size 12’s, and landed forehead-first on the corner of the circa 1950’s school house chair that serves as my nightstand and there is now a lovely gash (blood, but no stitches) on the left side of my forehead, right at the hairline  ASIDE:  if I had got bangs when I wanted to a couple of weeks ago, the physical evidence at least would be hidden

I have been feeling ever-so-slightly spinny and weird since then and I had attributed it to wine, fatigue, maybe even the flu, but suddenly it occurrs to me:  I HAVE A BLOODY CONCUSSION !!! 

and there’s not even a cool story to go along with it, like the time I was knocked out cold by a chairlift