an email exchange from this afternoon:

him:  “am feeling crummy and infectious so would like to bail.  Tomorrow evening I know you said you are busy but did you want me to give you a call when I am done at X?”

me:  ” ‘crummy and infectious’ – man you know how to sell yourself to a girl!”

him:  “I do know my strongest selling points ;~)”

me:  “I am going to leave that alone for now … my only demand is that anywhere we go be far, far away from any television that may be broadcasting a hockey game”

him:  “deal”

me:  “now aren’t you glad I’m not the kind of girl prone to throwing fits and such when bailed on?”

confession timeI was actually going to do the bailing – day 2 of that ever so lovely time for me and I feel bloated and ugly and not 100% perfect, so this way he feels ever so slightly guilty (which always works in my favour) and I got to spend a quiet evening with my pooch, a glass of wine and a yummy pepper, asparagus and feta fritatta while watching the Gilmore Girls and House in my pj’s.  I would say that this was a win-win-win situation, non?