I have girl crushes – Scarlett Johanson and Winona Ryder since you didn’t ask

I love trashy television – The Hills season finale was on tonight and I am so rooting for team LC/Audrina/Witney!  And the MTV Canada Aftershow?  Lauren is freaking hilarious and so NOT DUMB.  Love her!!  

While I maintain that I “fly by the seat of my pants”, that is an out and out LIE.  I like a plan and messing with my carefully laid out schedule can throw me into a right fit, though I would never in a million years admit that, if asked.

 I like to play out little mental movies of various scenarios for situations that are stressing me out or that I am anxious about.  Sometimes they come true and that makes me so happy, kind of like I’m psychic or something.  I am right now playing out how tomorrow night will unfold.  Fingers crossed …