“Do you know just how stressful it is coordinating your two nannies?  Do you?  And then having to juggle your personal trainer and tennis match so that you can get to the club in time for book club?  Well, I mean really – you cannot possibly imagine the stress!   And then having to choose a designer to redo the children’s rooms?  And did you know that there is a waiting list like 6 months long for the special artist who paints murals? Well the world may just come to a grinding halt over that issue. And you’re not a member at Jericho?  Why not?  You really should be; we’ll sponsor you, no problem (and pay the $20K initiation perhaps?).  And can you believe that Janey has left her husband?  Ok, so maybe he was having an affair, but it’s not like it was the first one or anything, I mean REALLY, what’s her problem? They just moved into that gorgeous new house in West Van, right on the water and it has just been redone and EVERYTHING.  And you have to try this clinic, you seriously come out of there looking at least 5 years, if not 10, younger. And, oh, right, you’re not married.  Well, there’s still time, isn’t there?  I’m sure we know someone for you.  Now, where’s the wine?  I have had such a stressful day I need a drink.”