I was reading this and was reminded of a similar incident a few years back ….

I was house/dog sitting at a friend’s place for a couple of weeks. After I got home and unpacked all of my stuff I realized that I had forgotten something. This is kind of the conversation that ensued ….

“Hey — welcome back! Good trip? Great!! So, um, well, yeah, this is a little embarrassing, but I kind of forgot something in your bedroom. Yeah, nope, nothing like that. NOOOOOOOOO Not condoms or slinky underwear. Nope, my stuffed dog “Trouble” What???? Marlow ATE HIM?????!!!!! You found him under the pillows and thought how nice, Kathryn left a toy for Marlow. Sorry, all that’s left is a plastic eye.”

Somehow I think that leaving illicit material behind would have been less embarrassing.