The subject of first tv/movie crushes came up at work yesterday. Sarah-Jill Miller (Gimme a Break), Nancy McKeon (Facts of Life) and Valerie Bertinelli (One Day at a Time) were the objects of desire for the boys. River Phoenix (Stand by Me) and Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block) were “da bomb” for the girls (yes, there is a slight age variable to factor in here).

I will disclose mine later.

This got me to thinking about crushes in general.

My current tv crush is certainly no secret. This blog has had more than one entry devoted to him. No more needs to be said on that topic (well, for now anyway).

Other current tv/movie crushes: Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy, sigh), Patrick Dempsey (golly, but he grew up well), Johnny Depp (like, duh)

I currently have a few other “crushes” in my life — one of my co-worker’s best friends, for instance. He is totally married with kids, but no matter. It is a purely non-sexual crush and I have even told him. He was amused (I think). As far as I am concerned, it is perfectly healthy and acceptable to have these non-sexual crushes; they add a certain excitement and pleasure to your day and harm no one. I have no desire to be a homewrecker and despise those who do. As long as everyone is up-front, where’s the harm??

I saw a former crush the other day. I say former, because he now gives me the heebie-jeebies. This guy, we’ll call him “Bob” (so not his real name), is a client of someone I used to work for. Tall, handsome, well dressed (Prada, baby), educated, successful, great family, smelled really good, etc. Charm exuded from his pores and I would swoon when he came to the office. Well not literally as I was most often seated at my desk, but you get the general idea. Anyway, Bob’s matter took up a great deal of our time so he was at the office a lot and called a lot. Those around me would know when it was Bob on the phone as my face would quickly turn the colour of a ripe tomato. Bob’s appeal was not lost on the rest of the ladies in the office and his arrivals could be felt reverberating throughout. My desk would suddenly become “the” spot to be in the office. Bob because a bit of a legend. However, Bob began to tarnish as I learned more about him outside the professional realm. Seems he was/is a well-know player in town and while this should not have come as a huge surprise — young, single, attractive, rich, rich, rich, in a town where available men are few and far between, it did. I liked my version of him: nice family kind of guy. I know, I know, I must some day visit reality. So, my crush came crashing down to earth. Saw him yesterday entering our building. That crush is sooooooo over.

My first tv/movie crush? Donnie Osmond and I’m not ashamed to admit it.